Coal In Alaska

Alaska possesses nearly haf of all U.S. coal resources and 1/8 of the world’s coal lies beneath the soil of The Last Frontier. Rising global demand for energy is driving a new wave of proposals to access and export that coal to be burned in coal-fired power plants. The production, transport and use of Alaska’s coal would have a devastating impact on Alaska’s economy and natural resources.

Find out more about the campaigns to protect Alaska’s economic and environmental resources:

Chuitna Coal Strip Mine

The Chuitna River lies 45 miles west of Anchorage on the west side of Cook Inlet. In the ground below the watershed lie seams of sub-bituminous coal, that has caught the eye of PacRim Coal, LLC. PacRim Coal is proposing a giant strip mine – the largest in Alaska – that would directly mine through 11 miles of productive salmon streams – effectively
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Wishbone Hill

The proposed Wishbone Hill coal strip mine is located approximately 5 miles west of Sutton, Alaska and 10 miles north east of Palmer, Alaska. Although there were some mining activities in the early 20th century, Wishbone Hill is now surrounded by residential communities in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. Usibelli Coal
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